Sunday, 5 June 2011

5 on the 5th - June

For this month's 5 on the 5th, the theme is "new"... and I must confess that I have not gone (or even attempted to go) with the theme. (I don't think the fact that all the pictures are new will cut the mustard.)

I've chosen instead a series of pictures of Edinburgh Castle - taken from a variety of viewpoints and times. As ever, follow the link to Stephen's blog to see more 5/5th submissions!

From Princes Street with Evening News kiosk and Irn Bru cab

The Barracks, from Castle Terrace

From Princes Street. At night. Obviously.

From the Grassmarket

From Greyfriars Churchyard, with The Hub  (formerly the Highland Tolbooth church) to the right


P.S. Had a number of candidates for entry today, so expect more Edinburgh and Fife photos soon!


Raybeard said...

Marvellous pics. Takes me back to my 2 visits to Edinburgh (1977 & 81) for the Festival - in fact, shamefully, my only two ever visits to Scotland - so far.
Btw the Castle is so imposing when seen from the City Centre but when you observe it from the vantage point of Arthur's Seat you see that it's perched on a 'pimple' of a hill and all around is relatively flat. But you already knew that. Still a grand structure, though, in a wonderfully landscaped urban setting. Thanks for posting.

Unknown said...

All lovely views, to be sure. I kept thinking I found a favorite, until I checked out the next photo!

oneexwidow said...

Thanks both!

I love Edinburgh and, of course, the castle is such a big part of that. It's been so good to be home this last week - and I've been pleased to get a good view pics taken!


Stan in NH said...

The pictures look great. Clever idea to take pictures of the same thing from differing view points. I like that idea and may steal it in the future.
Good pics. Looks like a very comfortable and lovely city.

Cubby said...

Nice pics, Andrew. Edinburgh Castle is stunning, especially as seen in #4. I'd love to visit some day.

Anonymous said...

Great pics, thanks!
I have been in Edinburgh and at that particular castle once, like a million years ago or so. didin't snap any pics from that view though... damn! :D


Buddy Bear said...

Great pics! I liked the dramatic view of the castle on the rocky cliff from the Grassmarket the best.

Kyle Leach said...

Andrew, I like the idea of seeing the same place from different points of view and at different times. A nice treat.