Friday, 4 January 2019


As previously noted, one of my aims of last year was to read 40 books from a more gender balanced range of authors.

How did I do? Well, thanks to a couple of other changes in my life, I actually managed 60, and did indeed make sure I read more female authors.

Here's how the figures broke down, in line with previous posts on the subject:

Of the sixty books, 29 were by men and 31 by women - a 48% to 52% split. In terms of authors, this too was balanced, with 18 men and 23 women; 44% to 56%.

This year, I'm not sure I'll make it to 60 again, but am committed to retaining this gender balanced.

 If you want to see more of my book reading habits, you'll find my goodreads page here.