Welcome to the widow's world.

I've tried to build it around a number of regular and semi-regular features based on different interests and topics - previous features have included Art, Architecture, Poetry and Design. Recently Politics, Music and links to other blogs have taken precendence: such is the organic nature of a blog that the character, type and frequency of posts changes over time.

What the blog isn't, though, is a journal or diary. It's a blog about my thoughts, interests and opinions - but not about me and my doings.

Every post is labelled, and the (abridged) list of labels to the right - blow the top ten most read posts of the last week, and index of past posts - will give you some indication of the main topics. You can also use the search facility (above) to find particular posts or topics.

To make it even easier to find the main topics and blog strands, though, I've also set up a series of pages with links to posts on specific subjects. You can access these pages by clicking the tabs at the top! A the time of writing (Dec 2012) I am in the process of revamping these...

As for me, I'm a guy in his late-thirties, living and working in Bristol for a company of Financial Advisors.  My main interests are politics, art, architecture and reading, all of which are represented on the blog. Other interests include the theatre, film and, of course, television. I try to cultivate an eclectic mix of  passions, which I think is reflected in the blog - do please correct me if I'm wrong!

I hope you enjoy browsing. Feel free to leave comments or to e-mail me. You can also find me online at LibDemGains and the widow's window.


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