Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Tributes to the Strength of the Human Spirit

For most of us in the UK, most of the time, life is a routine of some description - we work, we play, albeit in differing measures. For others here, and countless others around the world, life is more complicated. Circumstances, illness and disease can all conspire to disrupt the "normal" course of events.  

Somehow, though, the human race has the ability to triumph over all kinds of adversity. An example I came across recently was in an episode of The Secret Millionaire. The programme featured a fabulous lady called Anna Chandler. Anna is 24, wheelchair-bound and suffers from a congenital condition called Osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bones) but that doesn't stop her from being an enthusiastic volunteer on the hospital radio. Rather than give in to her circumstances she has adopted a wonderfully stoical approach to life - battling her own pain by helping others with a constant smile and ready wit.

Another example of someone who faced adversity with good humour and grace is Rob Daley, the father of the British Olympic diver Tom Daley. Through years of battling with a brain tumour he supported his son's ambitions and saw him rise to the highest level of his sport - embarrasing him once or twice on the way.  While his son is - and will continue to be - an inspiration to many, Rob Daley should be an example to us all.

Of course, a cheerful disposition is not, in itself, enough to face life's hardest challenges. People like Anna and Rob rely on the help and support of various medical and care professionals. It is in recognition of this that the family of Rob Daley have launched an appeal in aid of three organisations which helped him: St Luke's Hospice in Plymouth, the Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust and Marie Curie Cancer Care. Should you wish to donate, you can find details here.



Stephen Glenn said...

Had me in tears with this, and I was standing on the platform. Since my dad's passing Marie Curie Cancer Care is my charity of choice.

Alan said...

Sometimes I get annoyed when my train is late or I've missed my favourite TV programme. This shows me not to be so ridiculous. Don't sweat the small stuff and be thankful for my relatively untroubled life.