Tuesday, 21 June 2011

More Jazz. Nicer...

Following my earlier post, here's some more jazz with the late, great Humphrey Lyttleton and Bad Penny Blues:



Raybeard said...

Yes, this 'class' - with a capital 'C' for cwality!

Hadn't realised until many years after 'Lady Madonna' had been released (and then only when I heard it said) that Paul M. had this record in mind (as well as Fats Domino's voice) when he wrote that song. Since learning that fact, it sounds obvious. But it's a fitting tribute.

Raybeard said...

An afterthought: I saw Humph live, with his band, in Oxford must be about 25 years ago. Although it was in the City's larger (massive) theatre I was seated in the stalls about 5 rows from the front. When he announced that their next number was to be 'Basin Street Blues' I wish I'd been quick-witted enough to have shouted clearly "MORNINGTON CRESCENT!" Always regretted having missed that opportunity. I like to think it might have creased that face into a smile.