Friday, 17 June 2011

Letters to the Future

In the past on this blog I've featured letters to my 16 and 60 year old selfs.  I've now found a website which will let you write an e-mail to yourself and specify when you want it delivered. Laying aside the relative transience of e-mail addresses, this is a fabulous idea.

Even more fabulous is that you can choose to make the contents of your e-mail public. Here's a few of my favourites:

Horrible News 
I slept with your wife. [think about it - Ed.]

Dear FutureMe, Today is March 3rd, 2005. Your condoms expire this month. I hope you finally got laid. Sincerely, Past Me P.S. if you didn't, that's okay... just jack off into them now before they turn to mush!

You're an idiot
Dear FutureMe,You're an idiot for filling this out. And you were wasted when you wrote it.

Dear FutureMe, Read the god damned subject. If you don't have one by now, kick yourself in the nutsack.

Hey You
Dear FutureMe, You are almost 50 and are surely about to go through a midlife crisis. Don't be a pussy. Live a little.

The site's called FutureMe and you can find it here. I'm now off to compose my own letter...


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