Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Pretty Pictures - Scottish Edition 2

As regular readers know, I've spent the last week at home in Scotland. While there, I managed to get a few snaps taken - here's a selection of some of my favourites. These ones were all taken in Edinburgh.

Detail from Sarcophagus in Greyfriars Churchyard

Derelict Sarcophagus in Greyfriars Churchyard

Statue of "Greyfriars Bobby"

Stewart Ford F1 car (the SF-2 from 1998)

John Knox, New College

Hope you liked and enjoyed. 



Mind Of Mine said...

Wow! What a creepy thing to have on sarcophagus!

Raybeard said...

I missed all these on my visits. But when one attends the Festival one hardly gets the chance for sightseeing. Next time must have a really good look round.

Kyle Leach said...

Andrew, the first two have a great sinister quality to them. I also really like the play of shadows on the last one.