Sunday, 8 January 2012

Sunday Sounds 31 - Across the Universe

This week's Sunday Sound was inspired by me listening to a podcast of The Beatle's Biographer Hunter Davies being interviewed for Radio 4's Bookclub. In it he discusses the process of writing the book and tells anecdotes of his time spent with The Beatles.

He also tells how the various bits of memorabilia that he collected when writing the book - including handwritten lyrics - would have been chucked had he not sought permission to take them. He has since lent (and willed) these to the British Museum as he doesn't feel it would be right to profit from items he came into possession of through accident or luck. You can find the programme here.

One of the stories he tells concerns the genesis of Across the Universe, which was partially inspired by the cadence of sirens on an emergency vehicle. Here's Sharleen Spiteri with her version:




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