Wednesday, 4 January 2012

NOW! That's What I Call A Tune! XIII - Your Choice

This week's choice would have been a hard one if one of my all time favourite songs hadn't been one of the options. I'll be revealing that later (at c. 5pm GMT) but, tell me, what would you have chosen? Here are your options:

Of course, there's a number of those that I've already used elsewhere on these pages... but would that have ruled them out? Anyway, that's all academic as the challenge is who would you choose, not guess what I've chosen, although you can do that as well!


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Raybeard said...

My choices, with a little cheating, are : -

Disc 1 - the completely lovely Kim Wilde!
(choosing Yazz & P.P. would have been justifiable as it's F-A-B, but it's also a bit of a predictable choice)

Disc 2 - Human League
(with 'Yello' as runner up - but that's because it has personally evocative associations)

I'd guess your choice(s), Andrew, would be Yazz (or T'pau?).

But please NOT the Hollies. Although I love the group this particular song has been played to death ever since I recall its first appearance way back in 69.

I'll catch up on your revelation later.