Monday, 2 January 2012

Postcards from Edinburgh

Last week, I was home in Scotland for Christmas and, as is my custom, I took a number of photographs. I'm going to publish some of these over the next few days both here and at the widow's window. I'm starting with some pics of Edinburgh but there are some of Fife and Glasgow's new Riverside Museum to come.

Calton Hill, Waverley Station (with restored roof) in foreground

Calton Hill

Edinburgh Castle, with Princes Street (complete with tram tracks...)

Altar, St John's Scottish Episcopal Church

Roof, St John's



Simon K said...

Nice one!

When I was there in October they were still working on the tram tracks...!

Simon K

Raybeard said...

Yes, we've heard a lot about those famed tram tracks and the distance they'll cover. I really do hope they turn out to have been a good investment.
Good photos all round. I certainly wasn't aware of the impressive interior of St John's.