Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Tuesday Titter 14 - Am I Bovvered?

I wasn't a particular fan of The Catherine Tate show but, rather like Little Britain, thought it worked really well when the characters interacted with celebrity guests. Both shows have done this for Comic Relief in the past, I particularly remember Little Britain did this with Elton John delivering the "only gay in the village" punchline.

In 2007, Catherine Tate took her character Lauren to Downing Street where Tony Blair questioned whether he was "bovvered", Nan became possibly the most crude and rude contestant on Deal or No Deal and Elaine Figgis became romantically involved with a certain Daniel Craig. 

In this sketch, Lauren's English class has a supply teacher...



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Raybeard said...

At first I wasn't going to bother to play this as for me C.T. is only funny in small doses. But must admit I did find it tolerably amusing.