Sunday, 1 January 2012

Sunday Sounds 30 - Happy New Year

To celebrate this New Year edition of Sunday Sounds, here's the artist who had both the biggest selling album and single of 2011 -Adele - with the fantastic "Turning Tables". I completely love this song - the tone it strikes, the lyrics, the arrangement - enjoy:

Happy New Year, 


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Raybeard said...

And an especially Happy New Year to you too, Andrew - wishing you many marvellous experiences for 2012 (which you'll be telling us about).

Adele - hmmmmm. I know I'm in a minority when I say that I just can't see (or hear) what's exceptional about her. I realise that there are thousands on thousands who think she's the best thing since sliced bread (as witnessed by this full Albert Hall), but whatever that is it misses me completely.
The enunciation of her lyrics is not very strong. Her consonants are 'soft' leaving me, for one, trying to piece together or guess what on earth she's singing about, which is a distraction I could do without. Also, she's one of these singers who thinks that 'wobbling' on a note is 'oh so sophisticated' but just irritates me, though I know this habit is considered 'fashionable' these days.
However, thanks for posting. Maybe before too long the penny will drop and I will be able to 'get' her and join the rest of you.