Friday, 17 September 2010

Tim Minchin: Comedy Genius

I've been aware of Tim Minchin for a few years now, although have never heard him perform much more than a handful of songs on Radio 4's Loose Ends. A couple of weeks ago, I recorded a broadcast of one of his shows and I watched most of this last night.

He looks a bit like a ginger, Australian Russell Brand although a closer comparison might be Bill Bailey. His set is combination of stand up and comedy songs with subject matter ranging from being a father and failed rock star to religion and Middle Eastern politics.

There were a number of songs I could have chosen to share . Some are a bit too ribald /controversial for this particular blog, though, so I've gone for a love song. Of sorts.

While I was looking for that, I found this:

You can visit his website here and find his YouTube channel here.


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