Wednesday, 15 September 2010

An A-Z of my CDs: A

I recently rearranged my bedroom in order to make my CDs more prominent and encourage me to listen to them more. Although I don't have a huge number of albums, it is a collection I'm reasonably happy with. Of course, it would be much larger if money were no object but other priorities have led to  infrequent, (mostly) considered purposes. Don't expect anything too outrageous - my tastes are decidedly middle of the road.

For the first in this new strand, I'm starting at the beginning and featuring a track from an artist beginning with, unsurprisingly, A: ABBA. 

In common with over 4 million other people in the UK, I own a copy of ABBA gold. They may not be everyone's cup of tea, and they may go in and out of fashion, but they are a huge part of music history and their songs are quintessential pop. Take a Chance on Me is one of my favourites in that regard:

Who would you suggest for "A"? Who else should I seek out? Next time, it's B - who would you choose from your CD collection?



MadeInScotland said...

A - is for Air. Remember "Sexy Boy"?

B - is for Blondie. Always.


oneexwidow said...

Ah... well, I do have Sexy Boy on the Queer as Folk soundtrack - but am not including compilations etc in this... for Blondie, love them but slightly too young (and had too sheltered an upbringing) to have any. Probably need to rectify that!