Wednesday, 29 September 2010

An: A-Z of my CDs: C

In my comments thread for my entry for "B" last week, there was a teaser that I'd be playing to type for "C"... so what did you guess?

The following were suggested amongst the comments: The Carpenters, Chicago and Chas 'n' Dave to start with... The only one of those I may have had would have been Chicago but that would, if I had it, be filed separately with Soundtracks and Original Cast Recordings.

The next suggestions were Cher and a certain Ms Madonna Ciccone. I own nothing by either of these artists (Oh, OK, I did have Madonna's American Pie but it is now in a pile for the charity shop - and I do quite like "I Got You, Babe").

So, what have I gone for... well, I've gone for the Scottish Band, Capercaillie.That was what I meant by playing to type and you will find, dear reader, that Scottish bands will feature quite heavily in the weeks to come.

I've actually chosen two tracks which are featured on their 1992 album of live and remixed tracks, "Get Out" (a later, 1999, edition of the album is now available with additional tracks).

First is "Coisich a' Ruin" which is a traditional "Waulking" song. Waulking is the process of softening woven cloth or tweed by beating it against a table. These songs are rhythmic and repetitive as befits such use. Coisich a Ruin paints a lyrical picture of the object of a woman's affections and the sternness and fortitude of local boatmen. Lyrics and translation can be found here.

The next song also deals with Boatmen or, more specifically, a boatman. It's a beautiful and haunting love song, sung by a woman missing her beloved while he is at sea. Lyrics are here.

I hope you enjoyed this entry, what are you expecting for "D"?



Stephen Chapman said...

These were my second guess

Raybeard said...

Phew, that's a relief! Can't pretend that I'd heard of this group but on the basis of the two tracks you've chosen they are certainly listenable to. (Mind you, just about anyone would have been better than the dreaded Mariah!)

As for 'D', well it just HAS to be our lovely and incomparable Doris Day. hasn't it? But as a runner-up I wouldn't complain if you chose the stylishly slick Bobby Darin - but I beg you, on NO account choose Dylan. Maybe some of his songs are okay, but that whining, nasal voice - Perleeeze! However, I've got a feeling that your own personal choice may have a somewhat lower fame profile than any of these.

Btw when I mentioned 'Chicago' I wasn't actually thinking of the show, wonderful as it is. I'd really had the Chicago-born group of the (mainly) 1970s in mind. (The perils of ambiguous names!)

oneexwidow said...

Ah... well, I've no Chicago either - clearly a generational thing!

It's not going to be Doris Day! I do like Darin, although own nothing of his. I also like Dylan, whom I may now feature! :-p

Raybeard said...

Yikes! Forewarned is forearmed. I'll brace myself just in case. ;-)