Monday, 27 September 2010

Blogs I Like (Part 2) - A Lib Dem Special

It's been a while since I shared some blog links with you, so here are some more. As mentioned here, my interest in politics has been reawakened in recent months and one of the results of this has been that I have been reading widely in the LibDem Blogosphere. This entry is dedicated to some of my favourites:

Stephen's Liberal Journal is the blog of Stephen Glenn - a former Lib Dem activist and candidate in West Lothian who has recently returned to Northern Ireland. His posts cover a range of topics from policy matters to personal news, LGBT issues and the challenges of being a Liberal Democrat in Northern Ireland (party form filling being the main one, it seems!) 

Liberal England is a mix of serious political comment, witty one liners and the ramblings of "Lord Bonkers". Also in the mix is a healthy dose of architectural appreciation. Recent postings have been from New York where Jonathan Calder, the author, has been for the UN review of Millennium Development Goals.
My final main selection of this post is A Lanson Boy written by Launceston councillor Alex Folkes. It's a mixture of local issues, reports on council activities and meetings and incisive national political comment on issues across the political spectrum.

Of course there are plenty others, including honourable mentions for Liberal Bureaucracy and Jennie Rigg, whose blogs I also enjoy. 

Whatever your political persuasion, have a browse of the various links - they're definitely worth a look!



Stephen Glenn said...

Thanks for the mention Andrew. I'm well chuffed.

As I blogged at the weekend I really must start getting the balance in my blog right again, but that seems only likely to happen if ben Summerskill loses his voice, permanently. Currently there is too much material ;)

oneexwidow said...

You're very welcome...

I did hesitate to mention that LGBT element to your blog in light of your comments re: the current quantity of posts in that area... but thought it was still part of the overall recipe, even if normally in smaller doses!