Wednesday, 22 September 2010

An A-Z of my CDs: B

B is not, I'm afraid, for Blondie, as Made in Scotland suggested it should be on my entry for "A". Instead, I have chosen The Beautiful South, who I used to be a big fan of.

I have all their studio albums from "Welcome to..." through to 2000's Painting It Red (with the sole exception of Choke which I used to have on cassette), although since then my interest in them has diminished and, recently, they announced they had split. 

While their music may not have set pulses racing, I think they were under-rated as a band. Lyrically, their songs are beautifully crafted and well suited to Paul Heaton's singing voice. The early stuff is quite stark and made great use of Briana Corrigan's vocals. Subsequently she left and Jacqueline Abbot provided vocals on some of their biggest hits (Rotterdam, Don't Marry Her and Perfect 10). Interestingly, Quench - the album from which Perfect 10 is taken - featured a credit for Norman Cook as "Rhythm Consultant".

I've chosen to feature "I'll Sail This Ship Alone" from the first album. It only reached 31 in the charts and was the least successful of the three singles (the other two were Top 10, prior to the release of the album). Even at the time, however, it was my favourite.

Who would you have chosen from your collection? And who would you choose for "C"? Let me know below!



Raybeard said...

Well, you can't ask someone of my age which was the best group beginning with a 'B' without anticipating the answer.
I vaguely remember this particular B/South single but now, listening again with your bringing it to further attention, I must admit it really is a fine song and worth repeated playing. I too feel that the group didn't get the really high level of adulation they deserved.
Btw I've never yet heard the original unexpurgated lyrics of 'Don't Marry Her'. Must catch up with that - it's bound to be on the web somewhere.
As for 'C' - well, again demonstrating my age, it would have to be 'The Carpenters' - their only serious rivals would be 'Chicago'. Mind you, there's always 'Chas 'n Dave'!

oneexwidow said...

Ah, there is only the one word that is changed in the Radio Edit of "Don't Marry Her" - shouldn't be too hard to find.

As for C - I haven't made a final decision, but have fair idea who it's going to be. It may be regarded as playing to type but you can judge that next week!

Raybeard said...

Andrew, I had erroneously assumed assumed that your index would only refer to groups rather than individuals, but I now think that that may not be so. In that case, with your clue of 'playing to type', I can hazard a not-too-shrewd guess as to your 'C' choice. A name of four letters, perhaps? If so, I wouldn't seriously quarrel with you.

oneexwidow said...

You're right, I will not be featuring just bands over the coming weeks. I hesitate to comment on your guess - as that may ruin the surprise - but if you think it's Cher, then you couldn't be more wrong... Indeed, I own nothing by that particularly lady.

Raybeard said...

Well, with egg on my face, I shan't attempt another guess. So I await being 'surprised'. ;-)

Raybeard said...

Aaaaargh! (Sorry, Andrew, but I am NOT blog-stalking you, though it might look like it.) I've just had a most 'orrible thought that your 'C' might turn out to be my own personal bete-noire voice of the last 20 years. If it's an American artiste with her first name beginning with 'M' I'll be VERY disappointed. Right, now I shall shut my trap and wait with trembling apprehension.
[ Another big ;-) ]

oneexwidow said...

Too late... I've already called the Internet Police's blog-stalker unit...

Anyway, my lips are now sealed on who the next artist or artists are. I will, however, return to your comments when I post next Wednesday.

Stephen Chapman said...

Blondie would have been good, but The Beatles would have been my choice.

I wasnt a Beautiful South fan, but I remember when they broke up they said it was due to a "lack of music differences"