Saturday, 16 March 2013

Saturday Six 30 - Secret Courts, All Male Panels and DNA

Much has been written again this week regarding Secret Courts, and the resignation of Jo Shaw (one of the leaders of Lib Dems Against Secret Courts) from the party. I could easily fill up this entire post with such pieces again this week. I will refrain, however, and give you this one by Jonathan Calder.

Oh, and maybe this one from The New Statesman's Stagger's blog by Richard Morris.

Meanwhile, Nick Barlow wonders if Clegg wants a new membership...

...or maybe there's something he's not telling us, muses Jonathan Calder.

Away from the issue of Secret Courts, Mark Pack has made a pledge not to participate in male-only panel discussions.

And finally, something to cheer every fan of the late Douglas Adams - a Google Doodle for what would have been his 61st Birthday.


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