Sunday, 31 March 2013

Saturday Six 32 - Bishops, Immigrants, Growth and Gays. And Boris.

So it's Saturday Sunday - it must be time for another tasty half dozen posts and articles which I've found thought provoking, interesting and/or enjoyable over the past week or so...

First up, from this morning, Stephen (Glenn) takes on Lord Carey (something I'm quite likely to do here later, too...) and another bishop is featured as Stephen (Tall)'s Liberal of the Week - the Bishop of Dudley urges leadership not capitulation on the issue of immigration.

Not unrelated to immigration (given the economic benefits it can bring, and the need for government raise its income and seek to engineer growth, this piece of budget analysis is quite insightful.

Last Sunday's stand in on Andrew Marr's Sunday morning show was Eddie Mair. One of the guests was Boris Johnson. Mair deployed his subtle but deadly interview technique to fatal effect as outlined in this report.

And finally two articles about pioneers in their fields. First, Robbie Rogers in the Guardian on his very public coming out - and what's next and then: "When I was in the Military  they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one." - The powerful story of one man who took on the US Air Force in the 70's.


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