Saturday, 2 March 2013

Saturday Six 28 - Rennard, Growth, Eastleigh and Rape Jokes

Good Morning, 

Depending on how organised I am, and what else I have on, I sometimes put this post together in stages over the course of the week. Other times, the majority of it is written on Saturday morning. So it is this week, with the exception of the first selection:

As I type this particular entry, it's Sunday evening, and already I cold have filled up this post with entries regarding the allegations against Lord Rennard - and the alleged cover-up. I'm sure there will have been many more articles by the time you read this - but here is a post by Linda Jack which makes some good points.

Over on Not The Treasury View. Jonathan Portes draws a link between much vaunted immigration statistics and UK exports.

Of course, the big news of this week was the Eastleigh by election, won by Mike Thornton for the Lib Dems - a very welcome fillip given how other news has been for us lately. Here are Caron's observations on Lib Dem Voice about what we can learn as a party. By way of contrast and comparison, here's a take by a Tory Supporter, Nick Denys.

Politics can take over your life - Jazz Hands, Serious Business reassures that it's OK to do other things! Honest, it is!

Finally, rape jokes made by machine. Not funny, not plausible. Martin Belam says Solid Gold Bomb's excuse just won't wash.



Raybeard said...

Andrew, this is my first opportunity to thank you for your own effort in helping bring about the Eastleigh result - and an outcome, if I may say, as welcome as it was unexpected (at least to me). Mind you, ANY candidate winning other than that ghastly Hutchings woman would have been satisfactory - well okay, ALMOST any other candidate.

oneexwidow said...

Apologies, I never replied to this.

Thank you, Raybeard - 'twas good to get down and to help. And it felt even better when the result came in!