Saturday, 19 May 2012

Flying the Flag

In a couple of weeks, it will be the Queen's Diamond Jubilee weekend. Aside from being an opportunity to have an additional Bank Holiday and celebrate the service Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II* has done for this country**, it has also provided a number of commercial opportunities. Coupled with the sponsorship opportunities of the British Olympic Team in this London Olympics year and all sorts of products and services are promoting their Britishness.

From the humble sandwich - Sainsbury's are phasing in boxes which feature the Union Flag and include "Jubilee Chicken" (an update of Coronation Chicken), Tesco have a full range which not only feature the flag but are based on classic British dishes (including, and I kid you not, a Yorkshire Pudding wrap containing roast beef and trimmings) - to luxury jewelry, you're currently never more than a few feet from the flag in Britain's High Streets!

Here's a few photos taken in the Cabot Circus area of Bristol one day last week - had I had a longer (and more shops had been open), I could have furnished you with many more examples:


Links of London

Jones Bootmaker

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer

Hotel Chocolat


* Well, Queen Elizabeth II of England and Wales, I of Scots and I of Northern Ireland.

** For all my Republicanism, this is a sincere comment. It's probably a subject for another blog but, briefly, it's the principle of the Monarchy I object to not the individuals - I believe the Queen has defined and performed her role well over the period of her reign.

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Raybeard said...

Yes, it's gonna be good!

I was 6 years old at the time of the Coronation and I clearly recall the time (though not the actual day) when the entire country was festooned with coloured flags and bunting. Every store went mad too with breathtaking and imaginative displays, red, white and blue predominating, of course and with huge golden crowns hanging over shopping areas. And there was such friendly rivalry between streets trying to outdo each other in lavish decorations. Nothing has touched it since, nor will do ever again, I reckon. Can't see that Chas' crowning will stir up anything like the same wonderful, heady fervour. But, time marches on - and in many ways for the better. So, although in a referendum I'd vote to abolish the monarchy - though with no very strong opinion either way, it would be mean not to welcome and enjoy the forthcoming celebrations. Her Maj has, on the whole, served us pretty well. Nice one, Ma'am!