Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday Sounds 44: The Justin Currie Edition

Twenty years ago this year, on the 21st of December to be precise, I boarded a train from Edinburgh to Glasgow to go to my first proper gig. The venue was the (legendary) Glasgow Barrowland. The act was Del Amitri, then promoting their 2nd album. (Yes, I know Wikipedia says this was their first album but that had been kind of disowned; in the sleeve-notes of a 2003 reissue, though, lead singer Justin Currie has a more nuanced take on it's merits.) It was a great night with a band I continued to love for years to follow. Indeed, I still do return regularly to their music and have featured them on these pages.

Fast-forward 20 years and Justin Currie is touring with his own material. After a bit of humming and ha-ing, I decided to purchase a ticket for old times sake. This weekend - thanks to Spotify and You Tube - I've been acquainting myself with this solo work as well as re-listening to the old stuff. And tomorrow, I'll be heading out to The Fleece in Bristol for my first gig in three years. Very exciting!

Anyway, enough of my ramblings, lets get to this week's sounds! Both are taken from a BBC programme "Songwriters Circle" which featured 3 Scots songwriters swapping anecdotes and performing acoustic versions of them. I've chosen one of Currie's solo tracks (If I Ever Loved You) as well as an excellent version of Del Amitri's highest charting UK hit - Nothing Ever Happens:



Stephen Chapman said...

I thought a Justin Currie was fast food from an Indian takeaway.

Fine choices though!

Luke said...

No you're thinking of a Deli Meat Tray...