Sunday, 20 December 2009

Christmas Poetry - Bonus Post!

Aside from my main post for today, I wanted to post this. Deacon Blue is one of my favourite bands and this song, although obscure, has been one of my favourites for a long time. The musical arrangement of it is quite stripped down, and the lyrics really have to shine!

Christmas and Glasgow by Ricky Ross

He was lying in the half light
Of Christmas and Glasgow
Thinking and talking
Talking to St Enoch about
Christmas and Glasgow
Drinking and talking

And the sweet smell
Of the Kelvin Hall Circus
And the sweet smell lingered
Of her perfume and kisses

He needed to take one step
He was taking one step back

She knows the only danger
Of Christmas And Glasgow
Is you love too much
And she's thinking of years
At Christmas and Glasgow
When it meant too much

And walking in frost
Down in Cowcaddens
And the sweet smell
As they were lost in the garden

She needed to take one step
She was taking one step back

They could hear choirs, those heavenly choirs
Choirs of angels, those heavenly choirs

They needed to take one step
They were taking one step back


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