Sunday, 6 December 2009

5 on the, ehm, 6th - December

This is my belated entry to my friend Stephen's 5 on the 5th feature, where people take 5 pictures on the 5th each month and post them online.

This month, Stephen's suggested theme was 'signs' and I had a couple of ideas which never came to fruition, for one reason or another - mainly due to being away Saturday morning, and having a houseguest for Saturday night. One idea, of photographing various signs on my way home yesterday, was snookered by a dead battery in my phone!

So, here I am on a Sunday morning posting 5 photos based on what I had to hand. The result? The title pages of various signed books I have.

You can see more of 5 on the 5th here, and my previous posts are here.

1 comment:

Stephen Chapman said...

Great idea. I will expect to receive a signed copy of your own book one day.