Thursday, 17 December 2009

vlog 2 -More About Me

A tongue in cheek post to tell you more about me...

Comments and more either/or questions welcome! My first vlog is here.



Stephen Chapman said...

Very good! You still need to smile more.

I dont watch the X Factor - but thought Joe was quite cute. I hope that the X Factor dont spoil Christmas again this year. Come on Rage!

oneexwidow said...

I don't get this "X Factor spoils Christmas" thing. As Simon Cowell pointed out, it's not as if Bob the Builder or some of Cliff's efforts were particularly worthy of Christmas No 1!

In fact, you only have to walk into any shop at Christmas time for a lesson in how the X Factor is saving the Christmas chart from a lot of shite!


PS I don't really do smiling - my face isn't built for it!