Sunday, 13 December 2009

Sports Personality of the Year

I wasn't actually going to post tonight, but have decided to post this quick blog, linking to a couple of previous posts.

Having had a lovely evening watching The X-Factor and recording Sports Personality of the Year for future viewing, I have just discovered that Ryan Giggs won and not Jenson Button as I expected and had hoped.

Although I appreciate Giggs' talents and his professional approach to football, as well as the fact he seems not to court as much publicity as many other footballers, I felt Button's superb achievement in gaining the F1 World Championship was the British sporting highlight of the year.

My thoughts on Button can be read here. Congratulations are also due to Jessica Ennis who came third.


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Stephen Chapman said...

I couldnt quite see why Ryan got the award - he's "just" a footballer and he's been sub quite a few times this season.