Wednesday, 17 November 2010

An A-Z of my CDs: J

After last week's (non-)entry for "I", Raybeard suggested my entry for "J" could be either Elton John or Billy Joel. He was right - it could have been either. In the end, though, I plumped for Billy Joel. Here's An Innocent Man:

Here's a fan-video for "We Didn't Start the Fire". I don't possess a copy of this any more, but I used ot have it as a single, back in the day!

Enjoy. As ever comments and suggestions welcome! Next week it's "K"... Who will I choose?



Raybeard said...

Whilst applauding your 'J' choice (who could seriously complain?) I just have the nagging feeling that anyone in a contest with E.J. can honestly only end up in second place at best. But there you go. (Btw thanks for the name-drop.)
As to 'K', well how can it possibly be an act other than the unique, awe-inspiring, ever-entertaining 'Kinks'? The only conceivable rival would be Carole King. (Kajagoogoo and Nick Kershaw get barely a look-in!) But woe betide anyone who dares ignore the totally wonderful Eartha Kitt too. Rrrrrrrrrowww!!!
No, in the final analysis it's just got to be Ray Davies & Co.

oneexwidow said...

Ah, well, I wasn't suggesting Billy Joel was, necessarily, better than Elton John. I'm choosing acts with a view to having a diverse selection of singers and styles overall rather than my favourite or "best" for each letter.

As for your suggestions, while there's no denying the the greatness of The Kinks, Carole King or Eartha Kitt, they are all artist who would be more likely to be found in my mother's collection!

I haven't had a look at options and decided on "K" yet, but it is likely to be a much more modern act!

Raybeard said...

Just after posting the above it hit me that your choices for 'K' may well be either the 'Kaiser Chiefs' or the 'Kings of Leon', and your comment above signifies it. If it's got to be either of these, please make it the former. I wait.