Wednesday, 10 November 2010

An A-Z of my CDs: I

Today there should be a big hole where my blog should be. I have no "I's" in my collection. And no-one suggested any either!

I did look in Fopp to see if there were any CDs which would suit the bill, but I didn't find any. The most obvious candidate was Idlewild but they are a band who have, somehow, passed me by. I moved on from the Enrique Iglesias CD - and I wouldn't have been tempted by his father's offerings either!

One band in their racks did jump out at me... for their name alone - Ice, Sea, Dead People. Genius. I'm not sure their music is my cup of tea but judge for yourself. This track is called Green Tee:

What would you have chosen? And what are your comments and suggestions for J?



Stephen Chapman said...

Icehouse made a great song called Hey Little Girl.

INXS (a couple of good songs), Interpol?

I'm out of ideas!

oneexwidow said...

Ah yes, I had thought of INXS on the night before I did the post - and forgot them again!

"Suicide Blonde" always reminds me of my Grandad!

Stephen Chapman said...

Was your Grandad blonde?

oneexwidow said...

He was the only person I had ever heard use the term "Suicide Blonde" prior to Michael Hutchence!

Raybeard said...

'I' - well, (showing my age) Frank Ifield, I do remember YOU-hooo!
But how about 'Imagination'? - always listenable and danceable to!

'J' - how can it be anyone other than our own Reg D.? Put aside all the baggage that goes along with him (no, I don't mean David F.) and you've got an endless line of truly memorable songs. Real genius!
But then there's also Billy Joel, surely a talent to be reckoned with.
(But don't give us Michael J. pleeeeease!)

oneexwidow said...

Messeurs John and Joel are both very much in the running...

...and you can certainly rest assured there will be no Michael Jackson. Not on my watch!