Thursday, 8 September 2011

In which the widow revisits his home town

Last night I was browsing You Tube for videos and ended up looking at a number of my home town - including some which featured lots of pictures of the town as it was in time gone by. While I enjoyed these a lot, they are probably of limited interest to readers without an immediate connection.

I decided I did want to post something about the town, though, and have opted for two videos. This first has pictures of the Monastery ruins and the Abbey with a short (and slightly repetitive) commentary. The Monastery was founded by Queen (also Saint) Margaret, who was the wife of Malcolm Canmore. She is the queen after whom North and South Queensferry is named and there is also a chapel in Edinburgh Castle named after her - indeed it is the oldest building in the castle. Her son David I founded the Abbey although he moved the Scottish Court to Edinburgh.

The Abbey is the burial place of Robert the Bruce, as mentioned in the video. His heart is, however, buried at Melrose Abbey - after an attempt to take it to be buried in the Holy Land had to be aborted. Anyway, enough history - enjoy:

This second video features pictures of the Abbey, Monastery and the adjoining Palace ruins:


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