Wednesday, 28 September 2011

See No Evil 4

Regular readers will know I've been very taken with the See No Evil event in Bristol and I make no apologies for posting another few pics from the event. 

The last of this selection - an image of Christ - is one of my favourite pieces from the whole project. The first is of an empty hazardous waste suit lying in the window of an empty building. Attached to its chest is a sign saying "Banksy is not here" and a further sign on the window says "Banksy is not coming (he said to say "hi" though)". You can also see some of the other art and, ahem, myself, in this one!



Raybeard said...

In images of Christ is it a 'sine qua non' that he always HAS to look so damned sexy? I only ask.

Stephen Chapman said...

The 4th pic looks like Natalie Portman!