Thursday, 1 September 2011

Bristol Balloon Fiesta 1

Well, I suppose this post is better late than never... but when your mode of transport depends on the direction and intensity of the wind then arrival times can be erratic... Anyway, a couple of weeks ago it was the annual Bristol Balloon Fiesta. Here are some pics from the mass ascents that are a key feature of the event. 

I've also sorted some pictures of the Night Glow, when tethered balloons are lit up in time (well, kind of in time) to music, which will feature in a future post.



Craig said...

What a pity that it was such an overcast day. They are quite a sight though. I like the shot of the balloons over the church - they look like uneasy neighbours!

Raybeard said...

Yes, a wonderful sight. Must be awe-inspiring to see it in reality. (AND you will note that I didn't even mention 'hot air'!)