Wednesday, 12 January 2011

An A-Z of My CDs: R

After Finlay Quaye last week - which was, I grant you, a bit leftfield - I'm returning to more familiar territory this week with "R".

First though, a word about who it's not. It's not Razorlight, although I had been thinking that it would be when I commented on last week's post. It's also not the superb Eddi Reader who has featured on these pages before. It's not Diana Ross, who once reigned Supreme (did you see what I did there?). Finally it's not Runrig.

No, worthy as all of those acts would have been, I couldn't see beyond R.E.M. I present Nightswimming for your enjoyment:



Raybeard said...

An unqualified 'thumbs-up' from me on this choice, Andrew.

Stephen Chapman said...

I have loads of REM stuff - they have a new album coming out soon