Wednesday, 19 January 2011

An A-Z of my CDs: S (Part 1)

This week An A-Z of my CDs is a two-parter. First up, a lady who was featured with the Pet Shop Boys in my entry a couple of weeks ago: the incomparable Dusty Springfield:

Here's the sublime "If You Go Away":

and here's "Son of a Preacher Man":



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Raybeard said...

Yes, I'm not surprised you chose Dusty - and I wouldn't criticise anyone else who did. I don't challenge the claim that she had the greatest female voice that British 'pop' music has ever produced. It was certainly versatile like no other. Burt Bacharach speaks of her voice 'caressing' the words of the ballads she's singing, and he's absolutely correct. And yet, and yet.... For me personally there's something just missing that holds me back from outright, unrestrained adulation. Even at her most intimate I find her voice slightly lacking the warmth that I feel ought to be there. I'm sure it's something missing in my own psyche that prevents me from hearing what others can, so the loss must be mine.
In a poll, what would come top as being her greatest single recording of a song, would almost certainly be Carole King's 'Going Back'. That is certainly a classic, though my own nomination would be 'I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten'. Such a beautiful, rhapsodic creation.
It's a tragedy that she had to leave us just when a renaissance with renewed appreciation had started a few years before. But her legacy is certainly considerable and very significant - and, yes, I'll continue to try and iron out my own listening faults so I can really appreciate her greatness. (In my Google 'profile', under 'favourite music' I have included her - and despite any reservation, she has greater claim to be there than others whom I could mention.)