Thursday, 20 January 2011


Surfing the interweb last night, as one does, I was reminded of the cow parade held in Edinburgh a few years ago. For the uninnitiated, cow parade is a public art event which involves individulas, companies and community groups sponsoring and painting fibreglass cows for display round the host city. At the end of the exhobition, these are then auctioned for chairty.

Having been so reminded, I thought I'd find and post pictures of  some of my favourites:

Highland (Dress) Cow

Patriotic Cow
The Three Grazers (outside the Edinburgh home of The Three Graces)
Jack Vetrianno's The Singing Butler....
...and a bovine version
Edinburgh Skyline
Hope you liked. For more about Cowparade, see here.

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Kyle Leach said...

Yes, I liked it very much Andrew. I like it when art is made more assessable to people. Art doesn't have to be intimidating, it really can be quite fun.