Monday, 18 October 2010

Stephen Fry on Wagner...

Readers with an aversion to The X Factor should look away now.


Good... For those of you still here, here's a fantastic You Tube video featuring Stephen Fry talking about his love of Wagner for a BBC 4 documentary intercut with footage of Wagner from this years X Factor:


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Raybeard said...

Watched the entire Fry prog on Wagner - excellent, even though I don't share his and some others' extreme adulation of the works of that obnoxious individual, though his operas are indeed remarkable, at least up to a point.
Only catch 'X Factor' by accident when channel-surfing (all those nasal whiney and warbling voices and "whoa whoa whoa"-ing, and "oh bayyyby"!' just rile me too much!) But I happened to switch over to Harry Hill's 'TV Burp' when he was taking the piss out of Louis Walsh's pronunciation of 'Wagner', otherwise I'd have had no idea who the latter was. (Surprised that Walsh didn't know better!) Anyway, having said all that, this YouTube video is quite amusing, and I'm pretty sure Stephen F. would be open-minded enough to approve of it.