Sunday, 17 October 2010

Proud of the BBC

The BBC comes in for a lot of stick from certain quarters - step forward, The Daily Mail - but is, in reality, a fantastic institution and one of which we should be collectively proud.

Of course, not everything the BBC does is to my taste or to my liking. There are, undoubtedly, areas it could reduce expenditure on and savings it could make - and not only because of current economic conditions. 

Even so, at c.£12 a month, though, it represents fantastic value for money, particularly in comparison with with its Cable and Satellite competitors. It also represents good value compared to other countries, which is illustrated on this page.

Mitch Benn, one of the stars of The Now Show on Radio 4 (and occasionally BBC1's Watchdog) has written this tribute:

You can see more of Mitch Benn's work on The Now Show microsite and on his You Tube channel and you can follow him on Twitter. 


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