Friday, 29 October 2010

From the Vaults: October 2009

Looking back on old posts is always interesting. There are some which you remember well and are particularly proud off, others that you've forgotten and enjoy reading again and, of course, some which make you wonder what you were thinking!

Following my recent "Mystery Blogs" entry, I've decided that I shall revisit some old posts on a monthly basis, but this time I'm going to at least do them the justice of giving them a chance to tempt you in...

This featured the work of Rachel Whiteread, including this piece:

Ahead of the next 5 on the 5th, here's a look what I did on the 5th October last year! Including purchasing new shoes...

and finally, a more serious post, this time on the appearance of Nick Griffen on Question Time. I've posted the first couple of paragraphs:

"On Thursday, the BNP leader will, controversially, appear on question time. Should he be allowed? Well, on balance, probably yes. The BNP somehow manages to stay the right side of the various laws which govern the line between freedom of speech of inciting racial hatred. In addition, they now have over a hundred councilors and two MEPs so they clearly speak for a section of the populous, however objectionable they may be.

"While their views may be, at the very least, distasteful they cannot now be ignored. To do so would risk them continuing to spread their bile at low level, letting it fester and spread like a cancer. It has reached a point where they need to be faced head on. They need to be given some (limited) exposure, a spade to dig themselves a hole and enough rope with which to hang themselves."
Hope you enjoy this selection from last year... you can find more of last October's posts here. Comments, as ever, are welcome below!


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