Monday, 1 March 2010

Resolution Check 2

I can't believe the year's already two months old! As mentioned before, I've decided to start a monthly update on how my non-resolution resolutions are going, which are
  • Continue to reassess, manage and improve my finances
  • Lose some weight/get fitter
  • Read more books than last year - say 25-30
  • Blog around every 2-3 days (c. 147 posts)
  • Re-start my entries to Three Positive Things and explore positive psychology further
  • Commence work on a piece of fiction of my own (other than this list!)

So how do things stand after two months? Well, this month I started my new job, so that's dominated my life - in a positive way - and helped with some of the above aims!

Finance-wise, I feel more positive, although still need to make more changes and be a bit more pro-active in making more changes.

I have, or at least I believe I have (which is half the battle) lost some weight. This is hard to either quantify or verify as I never established a starting weight! Maybe I should get out the scales and measure progress from here.

I have upped the reading pace, as anticipated. I finished two books in February and got well through another. Will hopefully be even better in March!

While I met my blogging target (a post on average every 2-3 days) with a total of 17 posts, there was a feast and then a famine. In March I hope to keep up the pace but even out the frequency of posts. I've yet to re-start postings to Three Positive Things - and this is something I will do this month.

Although I've not started work on any personal fiction, I have started work on transcribing and editing the work of a friend... more of which in due course.

So, more progress was made in February, which I hope to consolidate and build upon.


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