Monday, 8 March 2010

Letter to my 60 year old self

A while back, encouraged by Stephen (whose excellent blog can be read here), I posted a letter to my sixteen year old self. I've now decided to follow this up with a letter to sixty year old self:

Dear Andrew,

How has it all worked out? On second thoughts, don't tell me - I'd rather find out for myself.

There are some things that I hope have happened, though.

I hope I managed to sort out my finances in time to enjoy some travelling and make some sort of half-decent pension provision. I know you've still got 7 years before you get the state pension (if there still is one!) but hopefully you've got a bit more put by!

Are you still blogging, or is the Internet completely outmoded? It's funny to imagine that could happen, but then 25 years ago it was hard to envisage it at all!!

I hope you're happy and at least that you're not bitter. I also hope you still believe in "no regrets". As I've been fond of saying, you can't change the decisions you've made in the past.

I hope you've stayed true to your friends - you always were one for having few but deep friendships. I sincerely hope the ones you thought were lifelong really have been.

I'm aware I've used the word "hope" a lot in this letter - and that sums me up now, I suppose. There's been a lot of changes but I'm hopeful for the future. Here's hoping that in 25 years when you receive this letter that that confidence has been justified.

Yours, Sincerely,


You can read the original letter to myself here.


Stephen Chapman said...

A fine blog post.

No mention of flying cars and robots though!

oneexwidow said...

Hmmm, indeed.

I did think about that, but knowing that 25 years ago we were all being told that it'd have happened by 2000, I'm not holding my breath for it happening in my lifetime!