Monday, 30 November 2009

50 not out

This is my 50th post to this blog. To mark the occasion, I'm going to do some analysis of my postings so far, with the intention of seeing how things change and develop over the course of each 50 posts.
Top tags:
  • Sport (9)
  • Blog (6)
  • Photos (6)
  • Remembrance (6)
  • 5 on the 5th (5)
  • Poetry (5)
Number of posts with comments: 26
Most number of comments for 1 post: 5

I've surprised myself at the relative balance between sport-related blogs and political topics. I'm also surprised at the number of posts about the process of blogging, but that perhaps betrays a certain introspection. I'm pleased to have introduced poetry to the blog, and also the Virtual Gallery. For further entries related to these, see the list of tags to the right, or use the search box.

For the next 50 posts, I anticipate a similar eclectic mix of topics. My recent excursions into poetry are set to continue on a weekly-ish basis. I've lined up my next guest blogger, to follow on from Stephen. Talking of Stephen, my monthly postings to his "5 on the 5th" will continue. I hope to add to the Virtual Gallery and widow's web series of posts. I'm also planning on sharing more of me through a "10 things about me" feature, just as soon as I can think of 10!

If you have any other suggestions for features and topics, please leave a comment below.

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