Thursday, 10 October 2013

Dr Who? On a Lib Dem Blog? Whoever heard of such a thing?..

As most of my Lib Dem friends know, I am that rare thing: a Lib Dem who isn't into Doctor Who. Sharing a house with someone who is, though, means you learn a huge amount by osmosis - only to find your knowledge shot down in flames when you try and impress someone... example: Doctor Who is the name of the programme, not the Doctor. Right? I thought so... but apparently in some series the character is actually credited as Doctor Who. Quite by accident, I found I had stumbled into the middle of one of (many) debates between fans within the DW universe. Ho-hum...

Anyway, my housemate has lately been engaged in an exercise to edit some of the longer, classic stories down so that they are in a format more similar to current stories - and reckons this is something the Beeb should do when they run out of classic episodes to release on DVD.

Here are his opening and closing titles to The Five Doctors, which was the 20th Anniversary Special, from 30 years ago:

And, here is the whole, hour long version:

Five Doctors Short Form - Full 1hr Version (Probably Final) from Agent Purple on Vimeo.

You can find more, including details of a 40 minute edit of the The Awakening, on Agent Purple's blog, here.


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