Saturday, 19 October 2013

An e-mail arrives: Hey, dear friend!

A couple of weeks ago, Google rolled out the new GMail to me.

Unlike a lot of people, I rather like it. 

Sure, it'll take a bit of educating whilst I train it to put the e-mails I receive on a regular basis in the appropriate categories. True, it's frustrating that such instructions can only be made on the desktop version rather on the mobile or tablet apps. And I still have no idea what to put in the "Forums" section...

But I like it, and the fact that the "Primary" e-mail box gives me an update when new e-mails have been routed to the other boxes.

But somewhere along the line, something at Google broke and the following mail made it past their (normally reliable) spam filter:
I want to find a friend for serious relationship. You are the man I want to meet.
 It would be good to meet you in person. I am seriously interested in learning more about you. Dating is not just fun for me, I never play games. I hope that you are serious too. I am a lonely woman who wants to find someone who will love and understand me. Let me tell you more about me. I assume that I am a strong woman with goals, morals and ambitions.

 All the best!
A charming offer, and one I'd have been inclined to take up. Except, well, it was directed at me...

I ain't going to be the second choice of anyone!... 


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Raybeard said...

If you weren't second choice I'd still smell a rat - and I bet you can sniff it too. Rather like those paedos posing as teenagers to get the confidence of other kids. Not that this is one is going to be exactly that, obviously, but one does wonder about ulterior motives - maybe swaying the conversation towards religion, perhaps? Even if it's what it says it is, if I got one (from a guy) I'd still not like the sound of it.