Saturday, 18 February 2012

MyFitnessPal, Fitness4Less and the Eurythmics

I don't really believe in New Year's resolutions, although I typically have an idea of some aims and objectives in my head which I occasionally commit to paper - and to posts here in years past. This year I didn't specifically identify any but, given that the aims have been repetitive over the past few years, perhaps I didn't need to.

One of the things that has habitually been something I've talked about is losing weight and getting fit. 12 years ago I was 9st 13lb. That was when I was working in Grocery Retailing, on my feet and active all day. Then I moved into office-work and hit my late twenties and thirties and my weight started to go up... and up.

I have at various points over the years tried to stem the tide by either cutting back on food, increasing exercise or both with varying degrees of success. I'm now trying again, but with the help of (which is also available as Android and Apple Apples). After putting in some basic details of your current weight and desired rate of weight loss, the app calculates a target net calorie intake.Then, just log all you eat and your exercise each day.

I've found it a real help with putting in place a disciplined approach which is really paying dividends. I've already lost 9lbs this year and feeling so much better - and I've saved money now I'm not snacking on Sausage Rolls, Scotch Eggs, Pork Crackling or Chips on my way home after work! I've also moved from being, according to my BMI, marginally overweight to being healthy!

But losing weight alone isn't enough (especially when it comes off everywhere apart from my paunch)! I have therefore joined a gym, Fitness4Less. It's not a swanky one, but it is cheap - the clue's in the name. £15 a month (plus a £25 joining fee), no contract and conveniently timed classes, it will do me. I've now been 4 times over the past two weeks and I'm rediscovering how good you feel all night after a workout!

But where, you may be wondering, do the Eurythmics fit into all this. Well, for my first session I loaded my iPod with Eurythmics tracks to keep me company as I pounded the treadmill! Tracks like this:


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Raybeard said...

Simply GLORIOUS! But then how can anyone FAIL to respond to anything to which Ms Lennox lends her vocals?

I'd imagine that this would indeed be perfect listening while doing 'physical', that heavy pumping beat so perfectly accompanying muscle-pumping.