Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Tuesday Titter 12: Kylie, Clunge and Bus Wankers

Last Friday saw the annual Comedy Awards, hosted as usual by Jonathan Ross. During the show, the fabulous Kylie Minogue presented an Outstanding Achievement Award to the creators and cast of The Inbetweeners. After three fantastic series, the film (which I have yet to see, as it happens) has broken various box office and DVD sales records this year.

Puerile, cringe-worthy, crude, rude, the show is everything you'd expect from four teenage boys who are caught between the good students and the bad, the cool kids and the nerds. The film trailer gives a flavour of the humour:

What you might not have expected was Kylie's obvious fandom and wholesale adoption of the show's own particular lingo:

I've a feeling I'll be enjoying that clip for years to come!



Raybeard said...

Now you've got me intrigued - though must admit that the approbation of the divine Kylie also helped a LOT!

Heard so much both about this prog and now the film, but never seen any of the former through lack of interest as (and the trailer seems to confirm this) it just seems like the Brit equivalent of films of irritating American pubescent school kids coming out with wisecracks and 'bon mots' way in advance of their actual years, which so annoys me or bores me rigid. However, since both you AND K.M. reckon it's something special then I may have to review my attitude.
Btw: Was that a dead cat in the trailer? Oh dear! I'd need to take an extra deep breath before going to see anything which included that!

oneexwidow said...

I can't say I noticed a dead cat, myself, although that would maybe not surprise me...

The programme is available on 40D - it may be best giving an episode or two a trial run before deciding on watching the film. As I said, it's not to everyone taste, and is often puerile!