Monday, 12 December 2011

A trip to the Zoo 2

Yesterday I shared some pictures from my trip to Bristol Zoo Gardens on Friday. The highlight of that visit was seeing the Western Lowland Gorilla and, in particular, the new baby Kukena with it's mother, Salome. Watching the behaviour of the family group was fascinating. Unfortunately, the pics I took of mother and child have not turned out well enough for this post but I have included some other members of the family.

Jock, the group's dominant male

Komale and Namoki (I think)

Okapi - Lodja and Rubani

Inca Terns

African Penguins

As an aside, I recently read Douglas Adams and Mark Carwardine's book "Last Chance to See" in which they travel the world to see critically endangered species. It is a brilliant, inspiring, angering and frustrating read and, sadly, 23 years on, some of the animals featured are indeed extinct.


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