Monday, 26 December 2011

Boxing Day Ballet

One of my memories of Christmases past is of my mother and I, once we had a telly, watching the ballet productions that BBC2 screen(ed). Funnily enough, my father would often excuse himself whilst these were on! 

In particular, I remember watching (and mum, a friend and I went to see it live some years later) was Matthew Bourne's innovative production of Swan Lake which features an all-male corps de ballet.

Here are some excerpts performed at the 1998 Royal Variety Performance and introduced by The Two Ronnies:

Apologies if you would have liked (or preferred) to have seen Jim Davidson after the break...



Stephen Glenn said...

Eric and Ernie looking an awful lot like Bilbo and Gandalf there

Mind Of Mine said...

This is a great Xmas mmemory.

I hope your Christmas was fantastic.