Wednesday, 19 October 2011

NOW! That's What I Call A Tune! II

This week it's the second in my series selecting a track from each of the UK series of NOW! That's What I Call Music compilation albums. After (currently) 28 years and 79 albums, the series is still going strong. Indeed, in the compilation album charts for the year to date, the last three NOW! albums hold the three top spots.

(Incidentally, talking about the charts for this year, it looks likely that Adele could achieve the top-selling single and album in both the UK and USA. If she does, she'd be the first British act to do this since the Beatles in 1964!)

Anyway, back to NOW! II and my chosen track which is, drumroll please, Cyndi Lauper with Girls Just Want To Have Fun:



P.S. There were a number of tracks I considered for this entry but there can only be one... If you'd have preferred Queen, Frankie Goes to Hollywood or the Eurythmics (to name but three), my apologies. Of course, any or all of those acts may get the chance to feature again!


Raybeard said...

A truly 'happy' song and video - Marvellous!

As for Adele, congratulations to her, but yet again I'm at a loss to know why so many rave about her - and I AM aware of just how many fans she has all over the world. But I've already rained once on your parade this week, Andrew, so I'll refrain from doing so again. It must be 'me' once more. I'd agree she's certainly not BAD, just.......

Stephen Chapman said...

Great songs - but she was simply bonkers though