Saturday, 22 October 2011

Guilty Pleasures 5 - The Steps Edition

Once upon a time, I was very sniffy about pop - and, indeed, about this weeks act. Gradually, though, I decided to embrace the cheesiness and fun of acts such as Steps. Now they're back at number one in the album charts - and reformed to boot - I feel able to admit in public to being a sucker for their bubblegum pop. 

Here they are with One For Sorrow:

Now, stop dancing and get back on with what you were doing.



Raybeard said...

Luverly stuff! Sounding even better between your 2nd and 3rd glass of wine.
I can never see or hear Steps without thinking about Terry Wogan's remark that when he sees them he cannot resist the urge of wanting to give 'H' (as he was then known) a "damn good slap." And I know EXACTLY what he meant. :-)

Stephen Chapman said...


Awful awful talentless crap!

Am I being clear here?

Raybeard said...

Andrew, please don't pay attention to Stephen's unfortunate comment. At least WE are lucky to know 'quality' when we hear it, aren't we? ;-)