Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Virtual Gallery - Room 7: Visiting Exhibition

Earlier this year I visited an exhibition in the gothic surroundings of New College, University of Edinburgh's Divinity Faculty. The exhibition, Shadows of the Divine, showcased the art collection of the Methodist Church augmented with pieces from various prominent Scottish Artists and an original 1611 edition of the King James Authorised Version of the Bible.

The exhibition wasn't quite what I expected - the collection surprised me in that the pieces were modern and contemporary unlike the religious art to be found in the National and Provincial galleries. Whilst I don't have a faith, my upbringing has given me an understanding and appreciation of the Bible and it's stories/message. The contemporary nature of the works cast these in a fresh light.

Unfortunately, for copyright reasons, I can't publish any images here but you can follow the links below to selected works:

You can browse more of the collection here and if the exhibition visits somewhere near you, it's well worth a gander - dates are here.


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