Monday, 29 August 2011

See No Evil 1

Last weekend saw the See No Evil street art project take over a street in central Bristol, transforming a series of grey, concrete façades into a riot of colour. 90% of the art is permanent and will only be removed as and when buildings are demolished and/or renovated.

I managed to take some pictures whilst the works were in progress, as well as some later in the week following the "unveiling" of the various pieces. Here are a few of those work-in-progress pics - there's something incongruous about seeing graffiti artists working on scaffolding and cherry-pickers!



Raybeard said...

Looking pretty good. It'll be something to see when they're all finished. Keep us posted in pictures when you can, please.

oneexwidow said...

I have enough pics sorted for four more posts on the subject!